Thursday 26th January 2012 – Shouldn’t have pressed that button

Oh dear, sorting the computer out is not going well. If it weren’t for the fact that I can access my diary on the internet from anywhere at all I wouldn’t be able to bring it to you. It’s a poorly sick computer. Whilst I am writing this as a result of the button I pressed to try to help, my Mistress is trying to get through to a support technician to get help as it seems to have caused rather more of a problem. In the meantime my Mistress can’t access any of her work and she is not very happy. She has already lost most a days’s work and doesn’t really want to lose any more. She is getting very stressed. From our point of view that works quite well. What’s the best way to de-stress? That’s right, stroke and pat the dog. And, when you have four dogs just waiting to be stroked and petted then you can get away with an awful lot of stress in life.

Well that’s funny. The person on the chat helpline told her to turn the computer off and back on. So despite when she tried to do that 24 hours ago she got a warning message saying she was risking losing lots of files by doing it, that message was a big fib and turning it off could have saved us a lot of hassle.

It was funny listening to my Master as he passed the yoghurt pot round us dogs this morning. The idea was that holding it high I would be able to reach by not Aristotle. That would have worked if he hadn’t climbed on my back. Anyway, by the time we’d finished you’d have thought his name was ‘No-ari’. It’s a bit like when we are going outside to go to the toilet. My Mistress uses the command ‘go’ and when she says ‘Ari, go’ it sounds as though she is calling him Haribo. It would actually be quite a good name for a dog, Haribo, although I think a sweet maker may have got there first.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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