Sunday 29th January 2012 – You should have seen the look on the Tesco’s driver’s face!

Our Master has been playing his part of the demon in the village pantomime. For reasons that a man’s dog can’t possibly begin to understand he seems to have been typecast as the baddy. As I explained, to a dog we don’t care what you look like, but of course to humans it’s a different matter. I’ve waited until the pantomime was over to reveal what he looked like to all our readers, but I thought it was time to show you just what life in our little village can be like.

Yesterday his appearance gave rise to a funny situation. There were two performances, a matinée in the afternoon which is more for the children and then the last performance in the evening which always goes off quite well, partly because the ‘last night’ audience tend to be very willing to let their hair down, but I digress. In between the two performances he came home with his make-up still on. You can only begin to imagine the reaction of our Tesco’s delivery driver when he delivered the shopping to be greeted on the doorstep by a fully made up demon. That particular driver hadn’t been to our house before and something tells me that he may not be intending to come here again!

The pantomime is now over for another year and the demon can return to his normal role of loving master to us dogs. He’s a softy really, although I don’t think the children who fled the pantomime in tears because of the ‘big nasty demon’ would necessarily agree. Mind you, I’ve seen him first thing in a morning and to be fair there may be times they aren’t far wrong! It doesn’t stop little Aristotle wanting to get into bed with him for a cuddle though and dogs are usually pretty good judges of character.

Well done to all the performers in the pantomime. Your hard work was worth it and all your audiences had a great time…

Oh no they didn’t

Oh yes they did….

We could go on all day here!

And to be fair, once the Tesco’s driver finishes his course of counselling he’ll be able to visit the village again without being terrified. He may not want to come to our house again though, which may be bad news on the dog biscuit front.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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