Thursday 2nd February 2012 – Maternity leave for dogs

I’m being kept much busier in my role of Business Development Manager for our company than I thought would be the case. I hadn’t actually expected to find myself doubling as the despatch department, but my Mistress has explained that in a small company I must be prepared to take on whichever responsibilities come my way. Shadow is our receptionist and most of the time she is too busy watching out of the window to answer the phones. As our manager of ‘Human’ resources or more to the point ‘Animal’ resources, Megan will be sitting down with Shadow to discuss her attitude to work. When I spoke to Shadow she said she didn’t think it was fair that humans in this country are allowed 12 months off for maternity leave and she only got two months. I did point out that she didn’t want to look after the puppies either and that she doesn’t particularly like Aristotle so I have to look after him, but she didn’t seem to think that was the issue at paw. I gave up trying to get through to her. It’s all very well wanting it all, but you have to put the effort in.

The best bit so far has been despatching the book shop orders. We are getting such a good response to the book that it makes it all worthwhile and the pile of boxes in the stockroom (formerly known as the hall) is reducing, which everyone trying to get into the house through the front door is very pleased about!

On a completely separate subject I am getting a bit fed up of how far advanced Aristotle is compared to me at the same age. On Tuesday this week he lifted his leg off the ground as he peed and he didn’t fall over. The only time I tried before I was six months old I landed in an unsightly heap on the ground. The only saving grace is that he doesn’t boast about his achievements, he just accepts them in a modest everyday fashion, which makes it difficult to feel very annoyed with him. I couldn’t even be annoyed with him about his success in puppy training as what he was really excited about was telling me that he’d been telling his new friends all about me. He’s a good little soul.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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