Saturday 4th February 2012 – Today’s competition to win a pair of tickets to Crufts 2012

Well I’ve given you enough warning, today I am going to ask you five questions and if you get them right you stand the chance of winning a pair of tickets to any one day of Crufts.  Crufts runs from 8th to 11thMarch at the NEC, just outside of Birmingham and is an

Kennel Club Picture Library

amazing dog show. In addition to all the main classes you can visit us at Discover Dogs and see over 200 breeds of dog, including our very own Aristotle. If that isn’t enough for you, there are more stalls selling things for you and your dog than you can ever hope to carry everything home from. It’s a brilliant day out for all the family and if you’ve got children under the age of 8 then they get in absolutely free.

For our competition, when you have the answers, email them to me at by 6pm GMT on Tuesday 7th February. Aristotle will then announce the winner on Wednesday next week. Don’t worry if you don’t win, we’ve got another pair of tickets to give away soon as well.

Here are your five questions:

  1. How many breeds were represented in the first Cruft’s dog show of 1891?
  2. What breed of dog is our little Aristotle? (It’s an easy question  – I’m one too!)
  3. Our breed are working dogs. On which day of the show are the working dogs judged?
  4. In my book, ‘Alfie’s Woods’ what is the crime that Hedgehog is in the Woodland Prison for having committed?
  5. How much is an adult day ticket to Crufts 2012 if bought in advance?

That’s quite enough questions for our first competition. I thought of so many more. I might have to run another competition to give away a free book or two. Or maybe I could start asking you questions just for fun and to see if you are paying attention. I might get you looking at our breed website next time, but if I’d have done that this time I would have given away the answer to question 2 and whilst that’s the sort of thing Shadow would do, I’m not that stupid!

Good luck with your answers and I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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