Friday 10th February 2012 – We’re in the paper!

Oh it was so exciting to see a copy of ‘Our Dogs’ newspaper and find a photograph of me, Ari and our Mistress inside. They’ve done an interview with her where they ask who inspires her and who she would invite to dinner. We’re on her dinner party guest list along with Muttley and Lassie. Then they asked which living person is her greatest inspiration? and she said her father, our human granddad. He’s the one who gives us lots of cuddles and sends his love to us on the phone.

Granddad thinks Ari is the most intelligent puppy he’s ever met too. Of course I’m sure he means after me, but I have to hand it to him, Aristotle is nobody’s fool. He can’t even be bribed with a biscuit. Ari that is, not my granddad. I think my granddad can be bribed with a biscuit! Ari on the other paw has worked out that biscuits are used get him to go into the crate when he doesn’t want to or to go into a different room to my Mistress. He’s worked out if he sticks by my Mistress’s side then none of the bad things can happen. I wish I wasn’t that shallow. I smell the biscuit and I’ll do anything.

My Mistress is taking part of today off to meet a friend. She’s been working very hard and probably needs a break. My only disappointment is that she hasn’t taken me with her. I’ve been working hard too and I do a lot of the ‘childcare’ in the house. I deserve a break. Maybe she’ll take me out somewhere tomorrow if I get all the chores done today. I think I’d like to just go out somewhere different away from all the hubbub of life and watch the world go by snuggled up to my Mistress. It’s a shame the weather isn’t warmer. That sort of thing isn’t so much fun in the ice and snow.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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One Response to Friday 10th February 2012 – We’re in the paper!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hmm, will have to check out this article so I can see you.
    Dogworld on the other hand have mixed us up with Estrela MDs.

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