Sunday 12th February 2012 – Keeping my head down

Here they go again. Always start with enthusiasm and then watch it peter out. As a result of the possibility of moving house ‘the grand clearout’ has begun. Do they really have such short memories? I sat there watching and telling them there really was no point in starting a pile for a car boot sale, because they would only end up taking it all to the charity shop anyway. Apparently two hours every weekend are going to be devoted to this exciting activity until the exercise is complete. In reality two hours were allocated yesterday, next week will be an hour and a half and after about four weeks all enthusiasm will have dwindled completely. This would be Ari’s first house move, so he hasn’t learnt the process yet. He was running round excitedly asking to help at the car boot sale. I just had an eye on my bowl to make sure no one got any ideas.

Megan got out of bed the wrong side yesterday. She decided she was going to be top dog for the day and was being a right little madam in the morning. My Mistress decided there was nothing else for it but to take her for a bracing and vigorous walk. My Mistress isn’t a great fan of going for a walk at 8 in the morning and even less so when the temperature outside reads minus 7 centigrade. However, she donned her boots and several jumpers and frog-marched Megan off for a four mile walk. By the time they came back Megan was being much more civilised but my Mistress was frozen solid. We all told her we appreciated it, but I think she’s hoping to wait until a little later in the day today. The temperature yesterday peaked at -1, which is not my idea of weather to even set paw outside. I spent the day curled up on the sofa.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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