Monday 13th February 2012 – I didn’t mean to do it!

It’s Aristotle here and I really don’t know where to start. How about if I go for the sympathy bid first and we take it from there? I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg. It’s not hurting really badly, not so much as to make me cry out, but I am limping and I think I’m being taken to see our lovely vet so that I can have some anti-inflammatories to help it. Alfie was much better after he had some and my leg has flared up a couple of times. Is that enough to get you all on my side before I tell you about my week?

There have been the little areas of mischief, like having fun trying to melt all the snow one pee at a time, including places in the garden I’m not supposed to pee like the patio. But then there are the bigger areas of mischief for which I am not in the good books. It was breaking the camera tripod that capped it all. I wasn’t entirely to blame. I was playing chase in the office with Alfie at the time and I know we’ve been told that we should save that for outside, but if two dogs can’t run figures of eight around two desks that have been strategically placed then what can they do? I needed to catch my breath because Alfie was gaining on me. He’s got the speed but I can still fit in places he can’t. As it turns out I can’t fit quite as well as I used to and so when I ran between the legs of the camera tripod I brought the whole lot crashing down and the bit that holds the camera has been severed from the rest of the tripod. My Mistress was not best pleased, particularly as she has been doing much more photography and needs the tripod to use her telephoto lens. I’ve asked my Master if he could try to glue it all back together but I don’t think it’s promising.

Then of course there is the extra gardening I’ve been doing. I’d just been caught red-pawed. I do like the remnants of the carnation plants and as I explained my Mistress was going to have to plant some more for next year anyway, so what was the problem? I do admit I have left them in a bit of a mess and I may have been chewing the branches of the trees again as well, but I’m hoping if we are going to move house that it won’t be too much of an issue. Do you think when we move we could have a more mature garden so that I can do less immediate damage?

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5 Responses to Monday 13th February 2012 – I didn’t mean to do it!

  1. Busted…You were just trying to help in the garden Right? I hope your leg feels better.

  2. Addie says:

    Hmm, yeah I help in th garden too.
    There are now no plants in the rear garden.
    I have found chewing and digging very useful.
    Not sure if my human is that impressed though.

  3. Sugar says:

    Woof! Woof! I’m with … I know your intentions were good. Happy Monday Mischief. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Rooo roooo I love a spot of gardening too! *waggy tail*

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