Wednesday 15th February 2012 – Never do things by halves

There is steam coming out of her ears she’s working so hard. My Mistress has had the misfortune to have several good ideas all at once and is now trying to put them all into practice. I’ve offered to help, but I’m not so good on the sales calls. I can do the short story reading and tell her which ones I think will sell as part of her new short story download service, I can even do some research on software on the internet, but she seems to think she needs to do it all herself. If truth be known, she’s loving it. Our job has to been to keep her calm and provide her with some moral support. That’s an easy job for a dog. We work in shifts. I get into bed and give her a cuddle from about 5 in the morning, then Ari takes over for a shift in the morning. Megan does the exercise shift and takes my Mistress for a long walk in the middle of the day and I’m sure Shadow has her uses, but I’m not talking to her at the moment. My ear, where she bit me, is infected and painful and I’m not feeling myself.

For all of you who are still hoping to win free tickets to Crufts, we will be running another competition on Saturday, but in the meantime you can nip over to my other friend Alfie’s blog at where he is running a promotion tomorrow. He’s been helping making sure all the display boards are up to date for us. He’s asked if I can put another board together with some photographs of the puppies on it. Ari got quite excited until I explained to him it couldn’t just be pictures of him.

Ari was talking to some of the dogs at dog training last night about Crufts. Some of them will be taking part in the obedience ring. I don’t think any of them have qualified for the show ring, but they are all trying to look their best in time. He asked if he was going to have any special preparation for going. He thought maybe a doggy massage or personal trainer, but my Mistress said he was lovely just as he is and didn’t need anything extra.

You can learn more about Crufts at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Dogs are really good at keeping their humans calm. When I have had a particularly bad day it still only takes 5 minutes of Gretel and Chester time for me to relax and feel normal again.

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