Thursday 16th February 2012 – Our village was on TV

When you live in a small village finding it on television is something that everyone talks about. We were still doing the whole ‘Do you remember…’ bit about being on the local news for our Royal Wedding hog roast now everyone is saying ‘Did you see Escape to the country?’ A lovely house in the village overlooking the village green was their ‘mystery property’. It really did look as though the people might buy it, but in the end they went for property number two, which wasn’t in our village. It must be funny seeing people looking round your house on the television. Just imagine how much tidying up you would have to do first. The best bit was when their chickens had climbed up onto the window sills and were looking in at the people viewing.

It’s much better in our house today as there are more people around. Andy is on holiday and my Master has taken a day off so it means more people to play with the dogs and cuddle us all. I really think there should be enough humans in a house to have one available to play with you or stroke you whenever you need it, but not so many of them that you can’t get away from them when you want a nap in peace and quiet. I should imagine that is enough information to justify a big university study to work out exactly what that ratio is. Some clever scientist will one day declare that you should have 2.134 people per dog for an ideal situation.  Mind you, if we did have that many, we’d probably still all want to sit with my Mistress anyway!

I’ve been giving my Mistress some tips on writing a blog. She has been writing some guest blogs at other writer’s sites. Given I’ve been doing it for over six years and these are her first ones I thought she would be grateful for a few tips. It seems I was wrong!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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