Saturday 18th February 2012 – Aristotle’s free tickets to Crufts – competition

I feel as though I should be doing a little drum roll. I’m bouncing up and down with excitement  as I tell you about your second chance to win a pair of free tickets to see the UK’s biggest and best dog show. Don’t forget it will be at the NEC near Birmingham from 8th to 11th of March and you will have the opportunity to see more happy, healthy dogs in one place than you ever get to see anywhere. You can even meet me, Megan and other Entlebuchers as well as another couple of hundred breeds.

Once again I’m going to ask you five questions. All of the answers are about Crufts, me or Alfie. You can find all the answers by following the links. You need to email your answers to Alfie at (he won’t let me have my own email address yet) and you have until 6pm GMT on Tuesday 21stFebruary to get your answers to us. I’m really hoping that the winners will come along to our stand in Discover Dogs and meet me. I’d like to have my photo taken with you to share with everyone on our blog.

  1. At what time and on what day is the final of Crufts Factor?
  2. Which political party is Alfie the founder of?
  3. Which wonderful dog food is the principle sponsor of Crufts this year?
  4. What animal am I named after?
  5. I will be attending Discover Dogs on the Entlebucher Stand. Which hall of the NEC will Discover Dogs be in?

Kennel Club Picture Library

Good luck with your entries and see you at Crufts! (Of course you’ll see me before that as long as Alfie lets me write for him, but I don’t get to see you so it would be better to come to the stand at Crufts and then I can lick you in person.)

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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2 Responses to Saturday 18th February 2012 – Aristotle’s free tickets to Crufts – competition

  1. Merry the dirt magnet (aka Merry the bichon) says:

    Hi Alfie, I’ve pulled myself away from Youtube, which my mistress reckons I’m addicted to, and stumbled upon your site. Brilliant! I just asked my eldest ‘sister’, Katie the Beardie, what ‘Crufts’ is and she reminded me of us all sitting on the sofa and barking at the telly last year when the flyball and agility was on. Dora the Beardie rolled her eyes and said I was stupid for not knowing but Katie butted in and said that what neither of us knew was that years ago the mistress atually went there and came back absolutely laden down with dog stuff. This sounded most promising so I thought I’d have a look at the questions to enter the comp, but I’m stuck on the 4th. Any chance of another clue?
    We’re all off now for a very long walk because it’s dog-training tonight and mistress likes to kid herself that we create slightly less chaos if we’re tired. I think we’ve got to call at the supermarket on the way back, which is a bit boring, but I’m determined that I will repeat the time I escaped from my lead when mistress bent down to greet us and I actually got into the shop. This time I’m not going to bother with the fruit and veg aisles but head straight for the meat! Paws crossed x

    • Alfie says:

      You need to remember that Saturday’s post was brought to you by my little pal ‘Aristotle’. If you follow the link you will find out about the first pet this family had by that name. If you read the next day you will find out why the poor little chap had to be returned to the shop and it was all my fault!

      Have fun on that walk.

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