Sunday 19th February 2012 – Sometimes it’s all about Aristotle

He’s feeling very pleased with himself and to be fair I do have some sympathy. He has his first ever brand new collar. Until now he’s had my puppy collar as a hand-me-down. It has already been mine and Shadow’s so by the time it got to Ari it was a little worn and the bone pattern had faded from going through the wash. My Mistress said he was old enough to go to choose his own brand new collar so they went to the pet shop. He’d never been to the big pet shop before. He was so excited. When he got out of the car he barked at all the cars and my Mistress was starting to wonder whether it was such a good idea. She sat him down and explained that wasn’t how to behave and to be fair he took it on board and walked demurely by her side until they got into the store. They he discovered just how wonderful the pet store is. There was a lady coming to stroke him and say how beautiful he was and one of the lovely men serving in the shop came and brought him a biscuit. He was beside himself with delight. That was before he even got to the stand with all the collars on.

Unfortunately the collar stand is right next to a toy stand. How do you get a puppy to concentrate on choosing a new collar when he is faced with rubber chickens, fluffy ducks, pretend bones , Frisbees and bones? He kept tugging at the lead saying ‘Can I have this one?’ pointing to a pig that reminded me of my old favourite pink squeaky pig. In the end my Mistress got his attention for the collars. He chose the purple spotted one. It was very diplomatic of him to choose on in my Mistress’s favourite collar. That puppy will go far. He put it on as soon as he got home and I have to say it really does look very smart.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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