Thursday 23rd February 2012 – Shadow is off to have her eyes tested

Now I’m not saying that Shadow is going to come home wearing glasses today, but she has gone to have her eyes tested. It’s one of the things she has to do if she is going to have puppies. She has to have them tested each year to make sure she doesn’t have cataracts. There’s just one small problem. The test she needs to have done isn’t recognised for our breed by the English Kennel Club. They don’t know enough about our breed yet to think we need it, so there is no room on the English form to answer the right questions for an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. They may not think that is much of an issue, but it means that my Mistress has to drive all the way to Solihull to our nearest specialist who can fill in the European form.  Shadow said it would be almost as well to travel to Switzerland, but as my Mistress is already takeingMegan and Aida and her mistress are going too, it would be a bit difficult – so they have gone to Solihull.

Ari was so excited to go to dog training on Tuesday evening that he wouldn’t behave for the first half of the session. They were outdoors rather than indoors which made it all the more fun for him and he kept being distracted by exciting smells. George, his friend, who is a really small dog has been horrified at how the friend he made who was only a little bigger than him when they started, is now massive in comparison. Ari told him he just keeps eating his food and it sort of happens. When it came to the second half of training Ari had calmed down and did very well at his recall. He ran to my Mistress and sat beautifully in front of her. She was delighted. She’s asked me if I can do some more work with him on his ‘lie down’ as he isn’t doing as well as that. The problem with me showing him is that I have to rouse myself to get up off the settee in order to show him what it means to lie down. I suppose once he’s got it I can stay put!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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