Friday 24th February 2012 – Shadow has passed her eye test

It was a good day yesterday. Shadow passed her eye test, which means she can think about having another litter this year if she would like to. She says she needs to see if she can find a boy dog she likes as much as Rino. I suppose to be fair, given how wonderful the puppies turned out to be, Rino would take some beating. Our Mistress will have to talk to her friends in Switzerland to see who they think would be good.

There was a last minute change of plan just before my Mistress left with Shadow yesterday and Ari went with them. He said he didn’t want to be apart from my Mistress for the day and my Master said he couldn’t stand the crying. So Ari was scooped up and taken for the journey and managed to behave himself perfectly to everyone’s relief. At the vet’s that they had to go to all the staff were coming out to meet the dogs of a breed they hadn’t seen before. It was wonderful for them. Ari sat and told them all about how he was one of the first ‘second generation’ Entlebuchers born in the UK and Shadow chipped in that she was from only the second ever litter that was born here. He’s now even more excited about going to Discover Dogs and being able to tell lots of people about us. I had a quiet day with Megan being spoilt by our Master.

What Shadow did find difficult to deal with yesterday was having to explain to everyone that she now had a different microchip number to the one she had this time last year. She got to the point where she felt like giving sarcastic answers when she was asked and I said she must never think of doing that when she is going through passport control, otherwise she will be in big trouble. She says she’s hoping to have a new passport before then to make it easier.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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