Saturday 25th February 2012 – He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Well not exactly. Ari is only my brother in the sense of we are both my Mistress’s ‘children’ but it seemed like a good title given that Ari was weighed at the vet’s yesterday. He is now a very impressive 19.15kg. Not bad for a puppy who started life at just 292g! He didn’t just go to be weighed. He’s got a poorly leg. He is on the same anti-inflammatory medicine that I was on. I told him it was good stuff and it sorted my leg out. We are just hoping it sorts his leg out too. He isn’t supposed to do anything too rough in the meantime. Have you ever tried telling a puppy he should do things slowly? It just isn’t happening. Why walk calmly when you can bounce everywhere?

He’s hoping it will be better before he goes to Discover Dogs but has asked my Mistress to make special arrangements for him in case it isn’t. He said he thought he should have a disable parking place so he didn’t have to walk too far, but my Mistress has come up with a better idea. She has found a trolley that his crate can fit on so that she can wheel him in. I think it is really because she will have so much to carry that she is planning to pile everything on top of his crate and just have Megan walk at her side. She still remembers the trauma last year trying to manage Shadow and Megan on the leads and then have a whole pile of stuff to carry too. She was very glad when she got to her destination and her arms ached badly for a day or two. Ari now has visions of being wheeled along like royalty, waving to his public from his crate as he gos. Somehow I don’t think the reality will be quite so glamorous.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Oh Ari is almost my size now – I weigh 24 kg! *wggy tail*

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