Monday 27th February 2012 – Mischief my paw!

“You write the diary on Monday, Ari. Tell them all the mischief you’ve been up to.” That’s what Alfie said to me. Although I think rather than being nice it was because he’d just been given a big thick raw hide chew and wanted to sit down to enjoy it in peace.

“But, I haven’t been up to any mischief. If it’s escaped your notice I have a poorly leg and am supposed to be keeping out of trouble.” I limped a bit for effect, but he was too busy chewing to notice. Anyway, here I am. I’m limping quite a lot so I need some sympathy. I haven’t moaned about it. Well, not much. I sort of squeal when Alfie is winning one of our games of tug and then he groans and gives in, but apart from that I really am trying to be my Mistress’s ‘brave little soldier’. We haven’t been doing long walks so we’ve had more time for training at home. I’ve got the whole ‘lie down’ thing now. It’s amazing what doggy chocolate drops can do as an encouragement. I really want to be fit enough to go out with the girls. I’m nearer to their size now and they run like the wind. It just looks such fun. My Mistress says it will be a while until I can do that. I’m just stuck at home helping with the gardening.

My Mistress has worked out that if she does five minutes of gardening every time I need to go out for a toilet break then she will very soon have the garden looking lovely. She has started by clearing the dead plants I’d uprooted and starting to clear the moss from the patio. She has strategically placed the wheelbarrow so that she can fill it up. It would be a great plan if I didn’t get distracted from the job in paw and start emptying the wheelbarrow as soon as her back is turned. Ah the life of a puppy.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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3 Responses to Monday 27th February 2012 – Mischief my paw!

  1. Good work Ari – a dog’s gotta put his paw down and decide when HE wants to do mischief. Mischief needs inspiration, and its not the sort of thing you can be bullied into by your older ‘siblings’ *waggy tail* I hope your legs gets better soon so you can race with the girls – I hear you’re almost my size now so its only a matter of time before you can overtake them both!

  2. Sugar says:

    Woof! Woof! How COOL! Golden Congrats!!! Happy Monday Mischief. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Emptying the wheelbarrow is a big help we are sure. 😉

    the brown dawgs

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