Friday 2nd March – I don’t think I told you

Shadow cut our paw when she was out running on Monday. I’ve never seen so much dog blood. It was very worrying. I suppose in reality there wasn’t all that much but it was very red and seem to get everywhere before my Mistress was called in with the ‘dog and children repair kit’. That’s what the first aid box is called in our house. It sums it up really. Anyway, Shadow’s paw was promptly washed in salt water and pressure was applied to stop the bleeding. Then my Mistress applied a little dressing and plaster and wrapped a bandage around it until she could see the vet yesterday. I have to say my Mistress had done a pretty good job and the vet simply redressed it and gave Shadow an antibiotic injection to be on the safe side. She had to keep off it for a couple of days but can have her bandage off today and will hopefully be back out for a walk on it, although she’s not supposed to be getting it too muddy. I think she will probably have to stay on her lead today so she doesn’t go tearing off across the fields. I think to make up to her and Megan my Mistress is going to take them round their normal walk twice. My Mistress says after a day in London she needs the fresh air and exercise. I’ve never been myself, but she tells me it is busy and the air is dirtier and there’s lots of noise. I’m not sure it’s really for me. I’m more of your country dog than your city dog. I like to hear the birds singing and the sheep baaing in the field along the road. I even like hearing the cockerel in the garden behind ours. My only regret is that we don’t have a little bit of land that I could start my own little farm on. It wouldn’t be a real farm, just a few animals I could be friends with who weren’t dogs. My Mistress has suggested a llama and an alpaca but to be honest she doesn’t know the first things about them. Then I said we could start a rescue centre, but then I don’t suppose there are any llamas around here who need rescuing.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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