Saturday 3rd march 2012 – The countdown is hotting up

Aristotle is now beside himself with excitement. It is only 5 days to the start of his first ever big trip. His trolley for his crate is the most impressive affair and to be honest it looks as though he could drive it down the motorway quite safely. We’re going to take it for a test drive later I’ll see if I can take the camera outside to capture it on film. I really hope that when he tries it out he likes it. I think there is going to be an argument over who gets to steer and my Mistress has been seen contemplating whether she could ride on it and have the dogs pulling, but it might not quite work out as controlled a journey as she had in mind. He’s only ever done day trips away from home and he’s been asking what he needs to pack. To be honest, for a dog, the packing is limited and the great thing in going to Crufts is that if he does forget something it is certain he’s going to be able to buy it when he’s there. If he plays the innocent puppy well enough when he comes to packing he could get a whole new wardrobe out of it, or at least a bed, bowl, lead and toys. He keeps asking if Shadow and I will be ok without him around. I think he forgets that we managed perfectly well before he came into our lives. Oh, I’ll miss him, but in the way you miss an itch when it’s finally been scratched. I shall really miss my Mistress though. I always do. I hate it when she goes away. It’s worse when I know she has gone to my grandparents so I know I’m missing out on seeing them too. I’ve made Ari promise to give Granny a lot of love from me. Ari has built quite a rapport with Granddad. I think he’s hoping to get the chance of them doing some gardening together. I did say I thought Granddad did a more constructive type of gardening to Ari!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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One Response to Saturday 3rd march 2012 – The countdown is hotting up

  1. Addie says:

    My mistress says I’ll have to walk from the car to the NEC. But, I might get a new crate, etc. when we do some shopping.
    I’m going to miss being with Sasha though, she’s not coming down south and will be staying in kennels. I think I heard talk about this being a holiday for Sasha. What do you think that means??

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