Monday 5th March 2012 – Caught in the act

Aristotle asked to go outside to the toilet. He was fibbing! He didn’t need to go at all. He’d spotted that in the barrel on the patio there were some lovely little yellow flowers. This story definitely needs to use the past tense. There ‘were’ lovely little yellow flowers. Not there ‘are’ lovely little yellow flowers. When my Mistress went to let him back on, only a couple of minutes later, he was standing with his front paws and nose firmly inside the soil in the barrel doing a little more than sniffing the flowers. He was digging them up and eating them. Whilst he was clearing up the dead plants around the garden he could vaguely be described as helping. He wasn’t leaving them in a neat pile, but in overall terms he was making it easier for my Mistress to gather them up and put them into the compost bin. When he was playing in the mud which had no plants in, he could just about get away with saying he was turning the soil over ready for planting. Digging up little yellow flowers that haven’t even had chance to open up and show their full glory is NEVER going to be considered a good thing. In his defence he said he was trying to bring them into the house as a present for our Mistress. The fact that had nibbled edges was an innocent mistake. I have to say that from the look on my Mistress’s face she was no more convinced of his protestations than I was. The puppy is definitely guilty! His biscuit ration has been withdrawn to help him see the error of his ways. The downside of that however is that the last time I saw him he said he was feeling a little peckish and was popping outside to see if there was anything he could find to supplement his diet!

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  1. Daisy says:

    Uh oh, digging up pretty flowers is NEVER a good thing! And it’s one bit of mischief we can never get away with. Sorry your biscuit ration was cut! My family tells me that flowers are for sniffing and looking at…I’ll try to remember that this year! 😉

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