Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Not looking forward to Monday

Monday is going to be a difficult day. Little Aristotle has to have an x-ray on his leg and that means an anaesthetic. I tried arguing that if he stayed really still it could be done without an anaesthetic but that isn’t the normal way for us animals. Can you imagine how you humans would protest if every time you had to have an x-ray you were anaesthetised first? He didn’t help his case by head-butting my Mistress while the vet was trying to examine his leg and he was very scared, so it may be for the best. The problem is that I shall be sat at home worrying about him. Much as I don’t like going to the vet I did offer to go with him to hold his paw and have reassured him that I have been perfectly fine when I’ve had anaesthetics so he has nothing to worry about. I’ve made Megan promise not to talk to him about her being ill after the first one she had. I don’t think it would be helpful for him to be worrying. When he went to the vet, yesterday, he did make friends with every dog and person in the waiting room. It was really nice. He thought they had all gone there to play with him.

It’s going to be very odd without my Mistress here tonight. I hope my Master will be ready at 5am for me to get into bed with him and will move over just enough for me to get in. We have a routine, my Mistress and I, I stand at the side of the bed and shake so that my collar rattles just enough to wake her. She moves over and throws the covers back so I can get in and then carefully wraps the covers back over me so that we can go back to sleep together. It’s the best two hours of my day. I just hope my Master is ready to be a substitute.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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