Thursday 8th March 2012 – Ari has reached ‘that’ age!

He’s reached the age where his hormones start to kick in and he is obviously male. When he went to dog training this week he was rather too interested in a very pretty Golden Retriever girl called Rory. She’s about the same age as he is and almost certainly coming into her first season soon. Ari was in his element. He wanted to play with her, sniff her and generally had a look of sheer ecstasy on his little face. Needless to say he didn’t perform quite as well from the training perspective as was desirable, although to be fair to him he is doing better than I was at that age and I’ve turned out all right. He was a little crestfallen that the instructor had laughed at him and called him a real ‘mummy’s boy’ because when it came to the recall he couldn’t get back to our mistress fast enough and no amount of in season Golden Retrievers were going to stop him. I told him that was just fine and that fact we are so close to her is a good thing. Now I’m sitting here forlornly missing her and thinking that he could never really be more of a ‘mummy’s boy’ than I am!

When they started packing the car yesterday afternoon the reality of a few day without them both really hit me. I wasn’t sorry to see Megan going away for a few days. She’s been quite horrible tome this week and I was just sorry she wasn’t taking Shadow as well, but I’d much rather it was just Megan and Shadow going and that my Mistress and Ari were staying here. We’ve got a contented little routine that works very well, especially now that Ari has chosen a different chair to curl up on than the one I have. I have to have the one I can see my Mistress from. I like to keep her in sight at all times.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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