Saturday 10th March 2012 – You can come home now.

Ok, 2 days without either my Mistress or Aristotle is quite enough. I have had enough peace and quiet and want my family back. There’s only my Master me and Shadow at home now. Both the boys are at their mum’s and without them and their friends the house seems awfully quiet. My Master is quite content to sit at the computer all day and there is no one to spend the whole day giving me attention. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t sound as though the others were having such a good time. Yesterday, my Mistress said she looked out of the window to make sure that Megan and Aristotle weren’t bothering my granddad while he was trying to do the gardening and there he was happily throwing a ball for them. I don’t think very much gardening was getting done at all!

Yesterday Megan and Ari had a rest day with a nice walk in the afternoon. It means they were quite ready to get back to meeting their public today. They were going to set off a little earlier to make sure they weren’t late and there were going to be no trolleys involved as they didn’t have so much to carry. In theory two dogs walking with my Mistress from the car park should be easy. In practice they will get so excited to see other dogs that even that will be hard work and if it’s anything like normal will be punctuated by a certain amount of poo clearance! My Mistress is managing to combine the trip with seeing lots of family and friends so I think she’s having a lovely time. One friend is going to meet them on the stand today and when they finish they are off to see another one this afternoon. I do feel rather left out.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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