Sunday 11th March 2012 – Megan and my Mistress were in tv

Oh it was so exciting. There I was watching the coverage of the days’ events at Crufts and there they were, my Mistress and Megan on television. Just before they showed today’s judging they introduced some of the working breeds that were represented there today and they chose Megan and she stood there smiling at the camera while the presenter said a few words about her. She looked beautiful. She was as good as gold and such a good ambassador for us. Aristotle said he would have liked to be on, but he was having a very sleepy morning and was dozing in the pen on the stand at the time they were being filmed. I felt so proud watching them. Well done Megan.

Today is their last day there and they will be home again tonight. Ari says he’s ready to come home but is excited about the prospect of meeting one of our ticket winners today and is hoping to have his photograph taken with them. Megan says she’s looking forward to a day at home tomorrow not having to smile the whole time. She really is very good at it though and has done so well. There are lots of people wanting more details on the breed and quite a number wanting to join the waiting list for a puppy. It is a great way for us to become better known and who knows, if our interim breed standard is issued by the Kennel Club maybe some of us could be there competing next year.

Our next thing to get excited about is our Fun Day in a couple of weeks. I get to go to that. In fact we all do – although how we will all fit in the car is beyond me. We may have to take the crate out of the boot so that three of us can sit there instead of two. With four humans and four dogs a seven seater is one short!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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