Monday 12th March 2012 – Home and happy

They are all home safe and sound, but worn out. Megan was excited to tell me that we can watch her on tv again by going onto the internet. (it’s the day 3 coverage 37 minutes and 40 seconds into the broadcast) We all sat round together to watch which was great. She seems quite pleased with how she looks. We all agreed with her, of course. Now the car has been unpacked the biggest question is where are we going to store the trolley? The garage is already full of all the things we need for the puppies. Then of course there is my little car which is still there and I’m hoping they have forgotten they said they were going to sell. I suppose I should help them to find somewhere for the trolley so they don’t spot that the car is in the way. It could always go in the summerhouse! But then they might remember they are supposed to be working on the summerhouse and that won’t please them. Ah well they really should get it finished sometime and it does seem the right time of year to be outdoors. Perhaps Ari and I could lend a paw and we’d get it done faster.

Aristotle has gone for his x-ray today. I’m worrying about the little fella. He said he would be fine, but his bottom lip was quivering when he said it, just before my Mistress took him off to the vet. That may just have been because he hadn’t been allowed any breakfast. It’s hard to tell with a dog. If you deny them food they are always upset. We will all be pleased to see him back safe and sound later and find out what the trouble is. We are just hoping it is nothing serious. I think my Mistress has decided that as long as both Aristotle and Megan pass all their tests and are compatible then in another 3 years she would like to keep a girl puppy that came from a litter that they had together. How exciting would that be? I do hope I’m still around to see it. I could help bring her up too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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