Tuesday 13th March 2012 – Aristotle gives an update

Oh there’s so much to tell you. You’ve already heard about my little accident when being pulled on the trolley last Thursday, well I’m fine. It was quite exciting really. A bit of a surprise but fun all the same and I suffered no ill effects. I just loved meeting everyone at Discover Dogs. I think I was growing on Saturday as I needed to sleep most of the time, but I did my best to smile when I was asked and simply loved all the attention. I was glad it was Megan doing the tv bit. It meant quite a lot of sitting still and doing what she was told for two takes of the filming. I would have been wriggling all over the place and trying to see all the dogs that were walking past. Megan was brilliant she did exactly as she was told and my Mistress was very proud of her. I had a lovely four days with Megan. We got on so well. I think she’s beautiful and our Mistress says if we both pass all our test then maybe in another 3 years we could have a litter of puppies of our own and we could keep one. That would be so exciting. On Sunday we met Carolyn, one of our competition winners and she gave me some treats and was lovely. Here is a picture of us together – hi Carolyn. I hope you had a really good day looking round. It was lovely to see you.

The worst bit was that I didn’t feel hungry at the show or on the way home and then found to my horror that as I was having an x-ray yesterday I wasn’t allowed to eat supper or breakfast. You cannot believe how hungry I felt by the time I got back from the vets. I could have eaten the whole sack of food. The vet can’t see what is causing the problem with my leg so my x-ray has been sent for a second opinion. I should get the results in the next day or two. We are still hoping it is nothing serious and that it will stop hurting me soon.

It’s training class tonight and I can’t wait to tell George all about going to Crufts. He’s a bit unsure of our friendship now. When we made friends we were about the same size, but I kept growing and now he seems tiny. I’m more Hemingway’s size so I might have to tell him instead.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00583ZGSA

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