Wednesday 14th March 2012 – Ari writes about his family

I badgered Alfie for so long that he said I could write his diary again today. I didn’t have chance to tell you everything yesterday. We sent a note to my dad, wishing him happy birthday, while we were away. I’d like to go to meet him sometime. I might look like my mum but I think in nature I’m more like my dad. Alfie hasn’t entirely forgiven me for going away with our Mistress for a few days. He seems more cross with her than with me, so it’s not too bad.

Addie (Adrienne)

Anyway, I wanted to bring you news of one of my sisters and one of my brothers. I saw them while I was away. You wouldn’t believe what a good time we had. I saw Addie (Adrienne) on Thursday morning and again on Sunday. She used to be my ‘big’ sister. Now she is definitely my ‘little’ sister. She seems tiny compared to me. She might be small but she is definitely tough. We spent a whole morning wrestling, most of the time with me on the bottom. I think some of the visitors wondered what was going on and my Mistress had to keep

Addie and Aristotle

saying we were brother and sister and hadn’t seen each other for four months. It was great. We got some pictures too. There is one here of us together and another that I took of Addie.

Aristotle and Arnie

Then on Sunday Arnie joined us too. I didn’t manage to get a picture of all three of us. To be honest we were too busy playing and everything was getting a bit out of paw. Arnie is nearly as big as me, just a little smaller. He was pleased to see us and although he can do a trick and I can’t I felt quite pleased with the things I have learnt when we were comparing notes. I’m afraid the one of me and Arnie playing has me looking a little startled, but as you can see from the one of him on his


own, he really is very handsome.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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