Sunday 18th March 2012 – The gardening did not go to plan

Well the gardening didn’t go as planned. For a start when pruning the roses it turned out that the secateurs were fairly blunt and didn’t cut very well. Then it came to planting the Christmas tree that had been sitting it its tub since December. Now, it’s all very well buying a tree that comes with roots, but if you forget to water it because you’ve hidden it in a sheltered spot, it’s still going to be dead when you come to plant it three months later. It will now mean a trip to the tip for the Christmas tree. We did a little bit of clearing up, but it was drizzling and our heart wasn’t in it. The lavenders in pots had died through lack of water. The frost covers were growing more moss than plants underneath and we didn’t have any petrol for the lawnmower. If the weather is ok today I think the plan is to have another go and maybe take a slightly different approach, although I’m not absolutely sure what approach that will be. I know we need to move an apple tree so I can see an opportunity for more things to go wrong!

We’ve finally got round to updating our dog website. Ari now has his own page and we no longer talk about there being three of us. There comes a point at which you just have to accept that he’s here to stay and you may as well accept it. Shadow added a page with a picture of all her seven children too, so she felt quite proud.  We are getting so many enquiries for puppies that I said she’d better have another seven, but she said she hoped her next litter was slightly smaller as she felt frustrated when she didn’t have enough milk for them all. She thinks that is the root of her issue with Aristotle. He was the smallest and she felt bad that she couldn’t feed him very well. Instead of being extra loving she got annoyed with him for being there and has never really forgiven him. He said he doesn’t need any milk now, so could they just be friends. Shadow shrugged and said she’d do her best.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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