Monday 19th March 2012 – More a bright spark than mischeivous

It’s Ari. He’s brighter than you average dog. Me, oh I’m clever but you can fool me for a biscuit or even for the thought of a possible biscuit. If you want me to go in the crate for 10 minutes I will accept it on condition I at least think you are going to give me a biscuit. Aristotle is not to be fooled. For a start if he wants a biscuit he is quite capable of climbing up and getting a biscuit for himself so bribery becomes both pointless and ineffective. Secondly he knows he does not want to go in the crate. He also knows he doesn’t want to be shut in a different room to my Mistress and that the only way he is allowed to play with sticks is to stay outside even when called to come in. Oh, he will twirl and twist and learn any amount of commands and tricks as long as they don’t interfere with what he actually wants to do. He’s just not a stupid dog. He’s actually mastered twirl and twist and will do double circles which is a little dizzying to watch and probably even more for him to do. He’s not moving onto ‘tap’ and ‘touch’. I don’t suppose they will take him very long to pick up either. My Mistress already plays ‘tag’ with Megan. You know, the children’s game where you touch someone and then run away and they are ‘it’ and they have to try to chase you or another person and ‘tag’ them so it’s their turn. Well, my Mistress and Megan play it when they go for a walk. Megan hits her nose into the palm of my Mistress’s hand and then my Mistress is ‘it’ and has to run a few steps and ‘tag’ Megan. Megan has worked out that it can keep my Mistress happy for hours and takes so little effort on her part.

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  1. Hey Alfie,

    Ari sure is smart, there’s no flies on him!! It’s hard to fool me too, I didn’t want to come in the other day either, I was busy barking at Spencer (the Dalmation who was visiting next door) – Mum brought the box of biscuits outside and shook them, I ran half way and then thought better of it and went back to play with Spencer – well, it’s not like she was gonna give me the whole box!! Tee Hee

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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