Friday 23rd March 2012 – An eye for the ladies!

Some dogs just have it all. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not jealous, well not very, but little Aristotle seems to have his whole life ahead of him and I’m feeling just a little grey around the gills. Aristotle is one of the cleverest dogs I’ve ever met. If we spent enough time training him there is very little he couldn’t do. Just at the moment he has forgotten much of his training and has gone ‘hormonal’. He’s hit that age where his hormones start to kick in and strange things start to happen. There he was at his training class the other night, not doing any of the things he has learnt, but instead wanting to play with every last girl dog he could find. Alarmingly, he has the looks and charm to go with it and every girl dog wanted to play with him. Other girl dogs who have seen his photo are already asking whether he’s hoping to be a stud dog when he’s bigger and he just smiles and shrugs and looks up at them with those big brown eyes. Deep down I feel quite proud of him. I know that part of it is the way I’ve been bringing him up and it’s always good to see the next generation doing you proud.

We had quite a nice day together at the kennels. He was completely happy and relaxed and now won’t be worrying when we have to go to stay while my Mistress goes to Switzerland. He did ask whether he could have a room with a room service phone, but I said I didn’t think our budget quite stretched to that.

You’d laugh if you saw us with our bones. He carefully rounds them all up and takes them to the bed by the window and then while he’s chewing on one of them I carefully carry them all back to the settee. We can keep the game going for hours.  It’s good that neither of us is really possessive and can happily share everything together. It’s a shame I can’t share in the stud dog idea!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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