Saturday 24th March 2012 – Fluorescent Pee

Aristotle cannot be left to his own devices for five minutes. Ok so I’ve got my faults and they are many. At the moment I’m having issues with Megan. It all started with my tablets but it seems to have carried on. But, I digress. Aristotle slipped out while we were all watching television the other night. He hadn’t been gone that long when my Mistress noted his absence and called him to join us. Not long, but long enough! In the meantime he had been to the office and climbed up on the desk to have a little look to see what he could find to do. He was frustrated because the computer was turned off and he couldn’t leave an inappropriate facebook status on my account (as if I’d be that stupid!). He resorted to taking the yellow highlight pen and eating it. I’m now following him round the garden to see if his pee has turned fluorescent yellow. It would have been funnier if he’d eaten the blue one but blue is not a natural food colour so he probably didn’t fancy it.

We are all excited about tomorrow as we are having an Entlebucher get together. It is always good to catch up, although if Megan and I don’t resolve our difference then my Mistress has said one of us will have to stay behind and apparently as I seem to be the one in the wrong it will be me.  Oh I can see the justification. I just don’t know what’s come over me. I’m wondering if the tablets have simply served to trigger a mid-life crisis. Megan is young, she’s beautiful and she gets to go for a walk with my Mistress every day. I think I may just be a grumpy, jealous , middle-aged bloke. The problem is that when you get into one of those states of mind it’s hard to get back out of it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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