Thursday 29th March 2012 – The reality of growing up

I packed Aristotle off to his new training class all excited. He’d got his treats for when he did well and his papers showing he had all his inoculations. He was full of bounce. Apparently the bounce didn’t last. When they got there he went running in looking for George, Hemmingway, Wainwright and his other friends from puppy class and none of them were there. He got a little bit tearful then and my Mistress had to explain to him that he would have to make some new friends on this course and that his old friends weren’t starting their courses just yet.

There were a couple of Labradors that he knew from puppy class, but they aren’t so much the playful type. They are training to be Guide Dogs for the Blind and have to take their training very seriously. They are taught not to play with other dogs at every opportunity, so he hasn’t found them to be as much fun.  He also found that now his classes mean he has to work much harder and don’t involve learning tricks. He came home worn out and a little disappointed. He has promised to do his best and asked if they could carry on working on tricks at home.  One of our friends is trained to round up the chickens, but we don’t have any of those. Another one is trained to carry the boat rope to shore, which is frankly something I would not consider, with not liking water. There must be something useful Ari could learn to do. Megan collects the meat from the butcher in her rucksack. Perhaps now there are four of us it really is time to invest in a cart for some of us to pull. Obviously I saw myself in a supervisory capacity!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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