Thursday 5th April 2012 – Is Tino the Easter Bunny?

I’ve got a new friend who is a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit called Tino. I suppose you never thought you’d hear the day when I was friends with a rabbit, not after the episode three years ago, but I really do have a friend called Tino who’s a rabbit. So a little paw wave to Tino. I should perhaps stress that Tino is my penpal and I haven’t actually met Tino in person. I’m very proud to have a rabbit for a friend though. After all I’ve got chickens who are friends so why not a rabbit. Incidentally, in all the high winds the felt for the roof of the chickens’ shed is on our holly bush, but I don’t think that’s the shed they sleep in so I don’t think they are getting wet. I will lend them a paw to move it later. I would have done it yesterday but it would just have blown away again.

One of the problems with having a complex weather station is that in bad weather I develop an almost macabre need to keep checking if the last gust of wind was worse than the ones before it and whether the flooding might yet have moved from moderate to serious. I don’t think I have it set up quite correctly at the moment as the temperature with the wind chill factor is often warmer than the thermometer at the back of the shed and that can’t be right.

It’s less than a week now until my Mistress and Megan have to set off on their trip. We will all have to go to Kennels for some of the time. I don’t think Aristotle has fully understood what it is going to be like missing our Mistress for that length of time. He’s never really been apart from her for more than a few hours since he was born. It isn’t going to be an easy time for him. I’ll do my best to look after him.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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