Saturday 7th April 2012 – VERY important advice for puppies

Puppies, listen carefully as this is a lesson we all need you to learn. There are some things in life which are very important lessons that it is best you learn while very young. From yesterday’s experience I think this may be THE most important. Sometimes you will get diarrhoea. It happens to the best of us. It is not a time to get confused and it is NOT a time to chase your tail. I think I should repeat that to make sure you’ve got the point. IT IS NOT a time to chase your tail. Sadly, Aristotle did not learn this lesson soon enough. He was distressed to find things going on that he didn’t understand, but not as distressed as my Mistress when she had to clean up the mess he had liberally distributed around the kitchen, utility and office. He did eventually calm down but it took about ¾ hour to go round and make sure that everything had been cleaned and disinfected. He was very apologetic afterwards, but it was one of those situations in which an apology was of little practical value. The vet had warned us that could be a side effect of his pain killers. It’s a shame as he was doing so much better on them, but now he has to come off them until his tummy settles down again. Then he tries a lower dose, except with us going to kennels I think my Mistress is going to put him back on the previous treatment until she gets back. Poor little Aristotle it means he’ll be back to limping heavily again.

Overall, sympathy wasn’t running very high for him, when my Mistress realised he has also eaten all the lower branches of the five fruit trees we put in last year. I said she should look on the bright side, at least all the extra time she had to spend outside with Aristotle yesterday could be put to good use, recreating the enclosures she put round the trees for the first few months to stop me peeing on them. In the case of the cherry it may be too late. I suppose if he was going to gnaw the main trunk he should at least have had the decency not to pick my Mistress’s favourite.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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