Sunday 8th April 2012 – A dog can have a duvet day too!

Now as you will know by now, I like my home comforts and I’m never reluctant to go back to bed for a cuddle or as it turns out to stay in bed long after the cuddle has got up. In my defence, when you’ve got yourself that comfortable it’s a shame to move too soon. Unless it’s a mealtime, what’s the hurry to get out from under the nice warm snuggly covers? It is, after all, a holiday weekend and even a dog is entitled to a day off once in a while. I only stayed there while my Mistress went in the shower. I was up and ready for her when she was dressed. I take my job of constant companion very seriously, with the single exception of going in the shower. I simply don’t ‘do’ water. Not rivers, not the sea, not puddles and most definitely not the bath or shower. I do ‘do’ comfy places to sleep. I can be found curled up on the sofa, my bed, my Mistress’s bed or anywhere else that is soft and cosy. It’s just that I got caught this time.

Aristotle is now completely over his upset stomach episode and back to wanting to eat the trees. Fortunately my Mistress took the opportunity of his being off colour to put fencing round all of the young trees to protect them. I mumbled something about stable doors and horses having already bolted, but she still seemed to think it was a worthwhile exercise. To be fair to Aristotle he is now fascinated by the willow which has been used round the trees and it will now take him a little while to eat his way through all of that before he turns his attention back to the trees. He’s giving it his best shot, so it may not take quite as long as my Mistress had hoped and certainly not as long as it will take the trees to grow to maturity!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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