Tuesday 10th April 2012 – Packed and ready to go – or Not!

Tomorrow Megan will set off with my Mistress on their trip to Switzerland for her final breeding tests, Megan that is, my Mistress failed hers long ago! Anyway, you’d think by now they’d be packed, but they are not even close. The last I saw of my Mistress she was busy making sure that everything had been arranged for while she was away, including leaving food ready to cook so that the family don’t go hungry. Of course they claim that eating pizza everyday was a balanced diet, but my Mistress has made arrangements to make sure they see some vegetables this time!

Aristotle is now getting anxious about our being in Kennels for a few days. He’s never been apart from our Mistress for more than a few hours since he was born and to say he is a mummy’s boy would be a gross understatement. He makes me look well balanced and independent! I have promised to look after him. Shadow told him to snap out of it. She would be there. He said that was what worried him most, she can be really beastly to him. I felt really bad for the little fellow the other day. There was Shadow giving him a good wash, as only a mother can and he was sitting all quiet and submissive letting her. Anyway, I saw something outside and barked. That made Shadow jump. Her first reaction was to snap at poor little Aristotle who had done absolutely nothing wrong at all. He looked bewildered. She apologised in the end, but that wasn’t the point. It isn’t as though I can stick up for him. She scares me! I’ve reassured him that there will be a partition in the kennel between us and Shadow. We’ll be able to see her, but she will have her own space as she prefers it that way and I certainly do!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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