Thursday 12th February 2012 – Megan is fed up with being in the car

Booking into kennels was traumatic. “Alfie, have you got yours and Aristotle’s medicine?” “Shadow, have you got your biscuits?” “There are some toys here to cheer Ari up and some treats. Did you pick up that tee shirt I put out as a comforter for Ari?” “Yes, yes and yes again and will you stop fussing? We’re going to be fine!” With that, my Mistress kissed us all goodbye and set off with Megan. She was a few minutes late leaving but all went well and we’ve heard to say she has arrived at her overnight destination. There was one small hiccough, which she won’t mind me mentioning. She drove past the turning for the hotel. Of course, under normal circumstances you would just make a turning at the next gateway, but the driving past was done on the toll road and there wasn’t another exit for 20 miles! So a 40 mile detour at the end of a 420 mile journey meant that she was a little frazzled by the time she rang to make sure we were all ok. I spoke to Megan. She said she’s missing us all and would rather that at least one of us had gone with her to hold her paw. She’s getting very nervous about Saturday and wanted to talk to Shadow to understand exactly what she has to do. She is very excited about seeing her mum tomorrow. Shadow said to send them all her love and Aristotle said could she ask when he can go to stay. He hasn’t got a passport yet, so I said he should get that sorted out first so he didn’t get stuck there. After that it felt a bit more miserable snuggling up to each other in kennels. It made our Mistress seem much further away knowing we won’t talk to her again until tomorrow night. I usually like to sleep in my own space, but Aristotle needed someone to snuggle up to and I did promise I’d look after him, so I put my paw round his little shoulder and let him snuggle close next to me. Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK -

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