Friday 13th April 2012 – Megan is having a quiet day

900 miles later and everyone arrived in Switzerland safely. Megan never wants to see the inside of the car again. Not ever. I pointed out that she’d be seeing rather a lot of it on the way home so she may as well get over it. She wasn’t thrilled to be reminded of it.

Megan said being with our friends in Switzerland was better than being at an Entlebucher Fun Day. Not only does she get to see her human family in Switzerland, but when she arrived not only were the three dogs that had gone from England but her mum, sister, grandmother and two other Entlebuchers so eight of them altogether. It was amazing. I just wish that I had been there too. Nero was the only boy, can you imagine having seven girl dogs all to yourself. To be fair I think it would have been a bit much. Just think of the hormones! Anyway, today Megan is going to the pet shop to see whether she can get a new harness to replace the one she chewed. She has promised faithfully not to chew the new one and just between you and me she is going to bring one back as a surprise present for Aristotle. Other than that I think she is planning a nice long walk in the rain and to prepare herself ready for her big test tomorrow. She’s nervous, but said if Shadow can do it then she hopes she can too. Mind you, she doesn’t want to follow too much in Shadow’s pawprints. If her chip were to fail on the way home it would not be funny! Once is bad luck, twice might be considered irresponsible.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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