Saturday 14th April 2012 – Megan’s big day

If I have to play I-spy one more time with that wretched puppy I think I’ll scream. It wouldn’t be so bad, but it isn’t as though there is a great deal to see in a kennel. We’ve done sky, floor, bowl and wall several times now and still he isn’t bored. I’ve started resorting to my Mistress’s approach in such situations of using the things I can see in my head. Yes, I know there is no likelihood of Aristotle realising I’m visualising a steak sandwich with a side order of fries and a large helping of stewed apple to follow, but it beats having to pretend there is more than one thing beginning with the letter ‘W’ – ok then, two, we had water as well as wall!

Megan was very excited when she rang. She’s been to the pet shop and has presents for us all. It nearly went horribly wrong when she panicked on the escalator and backed out of her harness. My Mistress had gone too far up the escalator to get back to her and had to finish going up and back down to rescue Megan. Fortunately Megan had the sense to wait at the bottom until my Mistress got to her. They went up in the lift instead. It reminded me of being a puppy and going on an escalator. I wondered what kind of mad fool stands on something that is trying to get away from them all the time. The other excitement for her was visiting our friend’s aunt in a lovely home for the elderly. Megan was very proud to have been allowed to go in and was generally very well behaved except the odd bit of barking. Now she is getting ready to do her best in her tests today. She will have to have her appearance judged to make sure she doesn’t have too many faults. She has to show all her health tests to prove she is fit enough to be a good mother and then she has to do some tests which look at her character. She just needs to remember not to get too excited in that part and everything should be fine. She will see her dad too so she is quite excited about that.

From all of us in England – good luck Megan and Annie and Aida who have gone for their tests too. We need you all to pass so we can have lots more lovely Entlebuchers in this country. We’re waving our little Swiss flags for you and waiting to hear how you get on.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Good luck today to Megan, Annie and Aida in your tests.

    Alfie – be thankful you just need to play I-spy, Sasha has to deal with Addie trying to steal her treats or force her to play with her. And by play I mean wrestle.

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