Monday 16th April 2012 – A funny story

I think this definitely counts as mischief, even though it was not deliberate. On Saturday Megan and Aida were having a rough and tumble while their respective mistresses were talking to each other. They were rolling around and kicking up gravel. They managed to shoot a piece of gravel with a lot of force, which then shot up my Mistress’s nose and seemed to lodge there. She now has visions of sneezing and sending a piece of gravel out a bit like a bullet and causing someone serious harm. I can’t really imagine the gravel is still there, but it does make you wonder whether if she could aim it well she could be up on a count of murder! I wonder if that would be a completely new way of killing!

My Mistress is looking forward to coming home to a decent meal. It was fine while she was in Switzerland but she’s struggled to find things she can eat on the way home. The hotel last night was the worst with nothing on the menu that she could eat. Not one item on the menu was free from dairy products and she can’t eat them. If she hadn’t travelled with her own emergency provisions she would be feeling very very hungry. She said that at one point even Megan’s food was starting to look appealing. I pointed out that it always looks appealing to me, but that wasn’t considered a helpful comment.

Aristotle has already packed ready to go home. He says he wants to be ready. It reminded me of when they got married, when I was a puppy and I’d assumed they were picking me up for the honeymoon and got myself all ready and they didn’t come. When they’d talked about ‘we’ are going away, they hadn’t meant the ‘we’ that included me. I was devastated. I thought I’d better now tell that story to Aristotle in case he was worried. Anyway, hopefully by the time I write tomorrow they will be home safe and we will all be together where we belong.

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One Response to Monday 16th April 2012 – A funny story

  1. Hey Alfie,

    Yeah, that sure is a good piece of Mischief – it must have taken quite a bit of skill to pull that one off!!

    I think you’ll all be getting lots of extra hugs this week cos they missed you so much buddy!!

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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