Wednesday 18th April 2012 – Why is it…?

Why when you are just trying to be caring and concerned do people take offence? All I said to my Mistress, once I’d commented on the black bags under her eyes and how worn out she looks, was “Perhaps you are getting too old for all this running around.” Now you’d think she would have appreciated her beloved dog being worried about her, but no. She stormed off and wouldn’t talk to me. I know what getting older is like. It’s happening to me and I’m not in denial, but then I’m not human either. I will never understand humans. Why can’t they just shrug and find a bone to chew in a comfy spot as I do?

Aristotle on the other paw has found out about the unicycle juggling team in the village and wants to join. It all started when Andy decided that perhaps he would have a go. The problem was that we only had one unicycle and that had a completely flat tyre. The pump my Mistress found didn’t seem to have any effect and even if it were sorted you can either get one boy or one dog on the unicycle. Actually I don’t think there is any way to get one dog on it, even without the one boy! Ari was keen as he said peddling would only involve his back legs and they are ok. It’s his elbows that are giving him problems. I think he was starting to see it as a possible transport option so he could keep up with the girls when they go walking. I did point out that with his dodgy elbows he’s never be able to juggle and he wasn’t coming anywhere near me trying to juggle either knives or fire! He is supposed to be trying swimming, but he said that didn’t sound so exciting.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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