Friday 20th April 2012 – Megan’s pocket money has been docked

I know she’s hormonal, but there are limits and eating the remote control that operated the satellite television channels was a paw too far. Apparently it all started with an argument between her and Shadow. Shadow wanted to watch a programme on how to redecorate your kennel, while Megan wanted to watch a beauty programme for tips on how to look her best next week when she meets Alwin-Luca. It all ended in tears. The tears were those of my Mistress as everyone blamed her when they couldn’t watch television. She wasn’t the one to leave the remote control so the girls could fight. She doesn’t even watch television, but it’s her fault because she didn’t stop the girls arguing. Thankfully she found a very nice company on the internet who can send a replacement one by overnight post and the new one should be delivered today. Megan will have to pay out of her pocket money, so she is going to go short on dog chews this month!

The preparations for taking Megan to the Netherlands next week are going to extraordinary lengths. My Mistress has been listening to her Dutch language cds. Did I really need to know yet again that ‘the lion is in the garden’? If nothing else it has left me reminiscing about my youth, growing up in Belgium and my Mistress having no idea what was going on in our training classes. To be fair there were no lions in our training class, which was probably just as well. I wish I could go with them next week. There are so many people and places I would like to see, but you know how it is, on heat bitch and eager (though incapable) dogs aren’t a very good combination!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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