Saturday 21st April 2012 – What is a poor boy to think?

I’ve spent too long around humans. I am appalled. Just imagine as a human if a girl you were going on a date with told you, in advance, that just in case she didn’t really like you, she’d got someone else on standby down the road. Now boys, the pressure would just be too much. If you didn’t tell her that you weren’t interested in someone who behaved like that, which would be the best approach to take, you would at the very least be shaking by the time you answered the door to her. But that is exactly what Megan has done. She may be my house-mate, but I think her behaviour is atrocious. Poor Alwin-Luca. I’m sure he didn’t see that one coming. Now the poor dog knows that if Megan isn’t smitten by his charming personality she’s hot-pawing it to meet another boy. My Mistress has tried to calm me down by telling me it’s just a safety net. What would my Master have said if that is what she’d done when they got married? And what about the other poor bloke, just waiting and hoping for the opportunity (obviously I’m talking about Megan again now – there’s no bloke waiting for my Mistress that I know about!) When I tried tackling Megan about it she just flounced out of the room. I shied away from discussing it with Aristotle, he’s already upset that she’s off to meet another dog and isn’t waiting for him. Mind you, he’d be even more upset if he’d heard my Mistress saying that with his poorly leg he may never have the opportunity of any girlfriend, Megan or anyone else.

You women seem to call all the shots. We poor men really don’t have a hope. We just have to be grateful for the odd crumb you throw in our direction. It really is a tough life being a bloke of any type, never mind the extra hardship of being a dog.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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