Thursday 26th April 2012 – Shadow is feeling very sad

One of Shadow’s puppies needs to move home to a new family and Shadow is now worrying about him. She’s going through all the usual parental angst about not being there for him when he needs her and feeling as though she has been a bad mother. We’ve all told her that she couldn’t have done anything differently and he may be coming here for a short time until he has a new home to go to, so she can make up to him then. I on the other paw have resorted to hiding in the corner with my paws over my head at the prospect of another puppy to look after. He was the one everyone fell in love with in the litter first; except my Mistress who was besotted with Aristotle from the start. Amigo, as he was called when he was born just had this way of looking at people and melting their hearts. He was one of the twins. Ah well, I’ll let you know what’s happening when I hear more.

Megan on the other paw is packing her bags as I write. Her blood test yesterday said she was not quite ready but should be by Sunday or Monday. She and my Mistress are setting off tomorrow so that she has time to get herself rested and ready to meet her boyfriend. It’s going to be strange being in Kennels and waiting for the phone to ring with news. My Mistress is hoping to see my breeder while she is there, so I have sent my love to my mum and sister Esther. I wish I could go, but as you can imagine with Megan in the state she’s in I get a little distracted and don’t make the best travelling companion.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    Good Luck Megan and have a safe journey.
    We will want to hear how she gets on Alfie, so keep up the diary and make sure you and Aristotle are very well behaved young men in the kennels.
    Sheila amd mark

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