Friday 27th April 2012 – Good Luck Megan

Well they’re on their way to Belgium and Ari and I are now in our luxurious holiday apartment. I prefer to think of it like that, it’s less depressing than calling it a kennel. Ari has been chattering away to calm his nerves. He’s driving me nuts, but what can you do? He’s been telling me about his ‘magic chair’. He thinks it’s magic anyway. It’s the old blue chair that we’ve all found to be our favourite at one time or another. It’s the one he found we kept dropping biscuits and chews down the side of and he learnt to retrieve them. He’s now got it into his head that it contains limitless magic supplies and if he keeps searching he will keep finding things. I pointed out that it wasn’t a magic lamp and there was no leprechaun under the cushion passing things up to him. In the last couple of days he has found both a ten pence piece and a hair grip, on two completely separate occasions. He’s now adamant that when he gets home he’s going treasure hunting in the chair!

We’ve had five or six people so far interested in giving Duke (Amigo) a new home. We are waiting to see how his meeting goes with the people who are first on the list. We’re hoping it goes well, but I’ll have to tell you more about that later.

It seems at dog training that Ari is proving a real ladies dog. ALL the girls love him and I do mean ALL! It is proving very distracting the way they all want to be his friend and can’t leave him alone. He’s not sure how he’s expected to concentrate with all that going on. My Mistress has had to promise to spend a lot of extra time training him while he’s not in class to improve his concentration. I’m supposed to be doing some with him while we’re in kennels. “Ari, lie down, stay and SHUT UP!” No, it’s not working.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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