Monday 30th April 2012 – Just not that sort of girl!

Megan is just not the sort of girl that wants to be pushed on a first date. She says she wants to be wined and dined and have chance to really get to know a dog before he’s going to get chance to be the father of her puppies. Not like Shadow then! Anyway, she’d already had quite a traumatic day before she even arrived at the stud dog. When my Mistress took her to visit one of her friends first a terrier appeared from nowhere and started chatting up Megan. Well when I say he started chatting her up, what I really mean is he parked himself outside the friend’s front door and spent the whole time they were in there barking and clawing at the front door to get in to have his wicked way with Megan.

Anyway, then she went to meet Luca. Oh, she liked him and they played together but when he said ‘How about it?’ Her response was, ‘What, here, now? I think you’re mistaking me for a different type of dog.’ He looked a little crestfallen so she said she’d go for a walk and think about it. To cut a long story short, she went for a lovely walk and got completely lost on the way back. Eventually she and my Mistress and a friend from another part of the Netherlands were rescued by a search party and Megan went back to play with Luca again. Sadly, she said she just wasn’t ready for that sort of commitment yesterday, but said she’d like to see him again. Luca had no choice but to settle for that and Megan is going back to see him again today.

It is also possible that Duke will have to come back to live with us for a while whilst we sort out his new home. He’s in need of a little support and maybe even his mother taking care of him (being Shadow). I don’t know what the plan is yet. My Mistress is trying to sort it all out. Ah well. Tomorrow’s another day!

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2 Responses to Monday 30th April 2012 – Just not that sort of girl!

  1. Hey Alfie,

    Sounds like Megan has her standards and she’s not going to settle or be rushed – good for her!! 🙂

    Big wags for Duke 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  2. Sounds like Luca hasn’t realised that Megan is a lady and he needs to bring her gifts and treats *waggy tail*

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