Wednesday 2nd May 2012 – I think Megan is being selfish

I’ve been giving some thought to the current situation and I think Megan just wants to have my Mistress all to herself for longer. She isn’t at all bothered that I’m going stir crazy looking after Ari in kennels. The good news is that I have been sent extra food rations so will not be going hungry any time soon. I’m pleased to say I will have my usual morning Weetabix so all is well with the world from that point of view at least. Of course it does mean I can’t bring you the result of the puppy naming competition just yet. You’re going to have to wait for my Mistress coming home for that one.

Whilst we have been twiddling our paws waiting for news Megan has had another lovely walk in my favourite park. I’m not bitter you understand, but I didn’t want to hear how lovely it was in the sunshine. I did not want to hear about the dappled light through the trees and the wonderful smells. And I particularly did not want to hear about her seeing a red squirrel!

What was funny was having her complain about having to travel next to a crate of beer. It turns out that when there isn’t a dog in it the dog crate is just the right size for a beer crate. Megan has been made to promise not to drink any of it while she is in the neighbouring crate and I do think that my Mistress has had the foresight not to leave her with a bottle opener. The age limit for drinking alcohol is lower in Belgium, but I don’t think it expands quite as far as a two year old dog. I wonder what the expression is in the Netherlands when someone needs the benefit of alcohol in order to face something. In England we say they need ‘Dutch courage’. Maybe Megan should have one of the bottles of Belgian beer before going to see the stud dog in the Netherlands next time!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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