Thursday 3rd May 2012 – The joke is wearing thin

Megan is going for another blood test this morning to see if she is ready. I just hope it is a very big needle as I am thoroughly fed up with being stuck in kennels while she swans about enjoying herself. She did have the decency to tell me they got soaking wet on their walk yesterday and that she is fed up of sitting around while my Mistress tries to work. However, I’m sitting here trying to entertain a puppy and missing both my home comforts and my Mistress. Next time I will go with them –that way they can forgo the blood test and use me as an indicator. I guess this is why we so desperately need stud dogs in the UK. It’s crazy having to drive across Europe every time we need to mate a dog. We should be encouraging Ari’s brother Arnie just as much as we can so that he does all his tests and is able to be our breed’s first stud dog. Perhaps I should change my Aristotle Fan Club t shirts to the Arnie Fan Club as a gesture of support.

I can see now that by the time they do come back, my Mistress is going to need a lot of love and attention and help to get back up to date with everything. I just wish I could be helping her with some of the things she’s getting behind with instead of being here trying to amuse a puppy. He’s going to be a nightmare when we get home. It isn’t even as though he can go for long walks to get it out of his system. With his bad leg he’s stuck with short bursts of exercise. I think we should buy a treadmill and just tie him to it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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