Saturday 5th May 2012 – A glimmer of hope

Megan hasn’t actually done the deed yet, but apparently yesterday looked promising. She was showing all the right indications and Luca seemed to get the picture of what she was hoping for. She’s seeing him this morning so we really hope that this time she is ready. I hope probably more than anyone as an alternative had been suggested of Artificial Insemination. Now obviously there are aspects of that which don’t really bear thinking about and most of them I was blocking from my mind. However, it was likely to fall to me to have the father son talk with the resulting puppies in the absence of their own father. How do you tell a child that his father was a turkey baster? Oh, I know that one step removed from the turkey baster there was a dog, but it was all going to get way too difficult. Yes, I could have fibbed and told them the nice version of events, but if they had spotted that their mum and dad were in different countries at the point they were conceived I would be back to the whole ‘your father was a turkey baster’ conversation. I’m not as squeamish about these things as I was when I was small, but I’d much rather not have to have that conversation. I suppose it’s just a blessing that my role would have ended long before they got to the point of asking how the sperm made it as far as the turkey baster. Of course, I may be being just slightly flippant, the pictures don’t involve a turkey baster at all, but a rather more clinical plastic tube and syringe. Either way, I’m just hoping that Megan and Luca manage everything naturally.

The other good news is that my Mistress has booked to come home and will pick us up on Monday. I can’t wait to see her. There is only so long a dog should be separated from his Mistress and this has been too long. I’m just hoping that Ari doesn’t push to the front of the queue. Maybe we could have times where we could each have her all to ourselves.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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