Monday 7th May 2012 – Megan wins the mischief prize

Did she? Didn’t she? Did she? Didn’t she? I could go on like this all day. From now on we are going to call her the ‘11th hour dog’. After 6 visits to the stud dog and on the last possible day before my Mistress had to leave to come home, I am proud to announce that Megan and Luca finally consummated their relationship. The tragedy is that having got to that point they promptly had to wave their good byes and Megan has returned to England leaving her boyfriend, and hopefully the father of her puppies, behind in the Netherlands. Life is cruel. She spent the evening resting quietly and today is travelling back from Calais to home so that she can be spoilt rotten for the next few weeks.

Of course the excitement isn’t over. On their way back they are collecting Aristotle’s brother Amigo and bringing him to stay for a few weeks. It is going to be interesting to see how we all get on. My Mistress has promised to spend plenty of time with each of us so that no one feels left out. It’s little Ari I’m worried about. He’s the one who is most likely to find himself getting less quality time. I might even have to relent and share some of my time with my Mistress with him. As long as he doesn’t have any designs to replace me in the morning cuddle in bed then I can be flexible.

In the meantime we can have our own mini-Entlebucher Fun Days every day of the week. I shall expect there to be games laid on and of course food orientated prizes for the winners. Perhaps I should arrange what we’ll play so that they all tend towards my strengths, that rules out agility but may make tug a good bet, unless they others all gang up on me! I wonder if I can get the others to sit still long enough for a family photo!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Well done Megan! I’m keeping my paws crossed all went well and we’ll see some more puppies soon!

    I’m thinking about little Amigo every day, hoping he’ll find a new home soon. In the meantime, I think he’ll love the company of your girls, little Ari and of course yourself Alfie! *waggy tail*

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