Thursday 10th May 2012 – Let dog in, let dog out, let dog in…

Oh this game could go on all day. Five of us asking to go out. Five of us asking to come in. None of us asking to go out or come in at the same time. It’s hilarious. There are moments when I think my Mistress is going to scream, but she just quietly asks if we’d mind coordinating our activities a little more effectively. It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t arguing amongst ourselves. My Mistress has a major work project going live next week and she wants to concentrate, but that’s easier said than done with us all demanding attention. Ah well, as a child my Mistress decided she would like six dogs. Her wish has almost come true. As an adult she has realised it should have stayed as a dream, unless she had nothing else to do than look after us all. She is starting to wonder what a normal household is like, but there is no likelihood of her ever finding that out. The funniest thing has been helping James sort out his bedroom. He’s having a bit of a clear out. The bit that has been funny is that in every drawer, under the bed, on the shelves, in the wardrobe, everywhere he started to clear, he kept pulling out hands full of dog bags. Unused ones you will be pleased to know, but ones that have been taken out of pockets when he’s come home and then instead of taking the same ones out he gets some more out of the cupboard. It looks as though we aren’t going to have to buy any more for a very very long time. My Mistress said it would be good if he could find an endless supply of dog food lurking away to go with it, but I think she may be over-optimistic there. I did find some rather nice meaty treats while I was helping.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Robyn says:

    LoL I have a sign on the patio at home that says just that! Let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in, let the dog out….used to be a game when Lucy got a bit doggy senile, she would go out, turn around then ask to come straight back in!!

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