Sunday 13th May 2012 – Good luck little buddy

Amigo is off on a home visit this afternoon to see if he would like to go to live with a couple that only live just over an hour away. He’s been away for the weekend until this morning so I’m feeling a little more forgiving towards him. I just needed a break. He rang me earlier and asked if he really needs to move out or couldn’t he just stay here with us. I was as gentle as I could be with him, explaining that he had an important job to do. He has to go out into the world and make his own way. He needs to spread the name of the breed and help other people to see how wonderful we are. There are other human who need the love of a good dog and to be honest in our house there just aren’t enough humans to go round anymore. I just wish I could go with him to hold his paw, but there are times that a dog has to do things on his own and this is one of them.

I suppose if I’m being strictly honest there are probably enough humans to go round, my cousin is staying. He’s my Mistress’s sister’s son. I’ve probably lost you by now, but he’s helping my Mistress with the final touches to the big website launch of which happens this Wednesday. Obviously I could have done the computer programming if I hadn’t been tied up looking after a puppy, so it’s good to get an extra pair of hands to help. The funny part is that he’s fitted right in playing with the other boys in the house on the computer games so we still need to keep my Mistress company.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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